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Showing posts with label singapore. Show all posts

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Singapore Travel on a Cheap Budget

There are a number of flights to Singapore from the Philippines. Your budget trip to Singapore would never be difficult nowadays. You could name a lot of low-cost carriers who will take you to your dream vacation spots especially to the country nicknamed as "the Little Red Dot". With a population of over 3 million and a total land area of 270 square miles, you'll be surprised how this country has become one of the best tourist destinations in Asia.
Merlion Statue at Merlion Park, Marina Bay Singapore

Singapore Visa Requirements

No visa is required for your stay in Singapore for less than 30 days. Filipinos can travel to Singapore for tourism or for some business, visa is not required unless you intend to study or work in the country. 

Exchange Rates and Hotels

On our way to the hostel.
Exchange rate at the time of writing is one Singaporean Dollar = 32. 48 Philippines Peso. The cost of living is a bit higher than neighboring countries. Hotels aren't cheap; the real estate price in Singapore is soaring high due to its limited land area. Foods lot high-priced as well as basic commodities ie bottled water (3 SGD).  Since we are backpacking with the lowest cost, I booked the cheapest budget hostel where most Filipino backpackers check-in in Singapore for as low as 16 SGD per night or 520 PhP at Ideal Backpackers Hostel, which is, which is located at 178 Tyrwhitt Road and alongside with it are a few backpacker's hostels like "The Little Red Dot" which I think is a bit expensive. Going back to Ideal Backpackers Hostel, we are welcome by this amazing front desk staff that helps us check and see our room. 


Loading the MRT Card

There are three common ways to check out Singapore, by Taxi, Bus or by MRT. I definitely recommend riding on the MRT (fast train). Taxi's flat rate is a bit steeper, and since i am on a budget journey, I would choose the cheapest rates possible.

Adding 10 SGD to the MRT Card

Luckily, at Changi Airport, you can buy an MRT Tap-up card which you can use during the trip. It is more convenient and fast on my own experience. Initially, the MRT cards cost something around 12-15 SGD, and you can tap any amount as soon as you are denied entry to the entrance and exits. hehe. Don’t worry if your card holds a bigger value at the end of your travel because you can eventually return it and get the remaining balance at any MRT stations.

Metered taxi cabs are available most of the time and mind you, evening flat rates are a bit higher.

Filipinos waiting at the Bus Station at Clark Quay.

Bus trips are frequent; we haven't ridden on it, and it might be a good idea to try one next time. However, if you want to experience the city, you can ride on this fantastic double dicker buses off to the place you wanted.

Bicycle Ride somewhere at Clark Quay.
You can spot some bicycle cab into the city during the evenings driven by locals. The cost is somehow cheaper. I can’t remember it..hehe You can bargain actually to the driver to bring you somewhere if you hate walking a long mile distance or just some tripping around the city.

Things to Do in Singapore - The Top 5 things you won’t Miss!

There are a lot of things you can do and sites to visit while in Singapore. This Little Red Dot on the tip of Malay Peninsula is one of the biggest economies and most modern in South-East Asia. Its culture is a mixed of distinctive races, and if you are a food fanatic, you can examine a wide array of different and sumptuous cuisine from the Malay, Arabic, Indian, English, and Chinese. Leisure and shopping are a common denominator when visiting Singapore. Look at my top five list below of the best things you can do and enjoy in Singapore. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Fresh Start Of the Chinese New Year

Hello! I haven't been writing for a while... but i promise to give you something this month.. Just got home from a long expedition..haha..i call it that So, ive been to Singapore and Malaysia last week.. im so excited to post my shots here..i was able to get a new lens for my 450D. Im so happy..even much more happier with my travel photos. But, before that i should be telling you about my "amazing race" experienced going to the airport.. haha..kinda funny and exciting. Been left by the plane one' i dont like to get the same feeling all over again. haha. For now, im not in the mode to not a writer but i love to share my experiences with you pardon me with my outputs. :)

To see the full image, just click on the photo.. :)

Kuala Lumpur at night. Taken from Menara KL Tower.

Batu Caves, Malaysia


Fitness Goal 2013

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Places I've Been

Dakak Davao Cebu Bohol Cagayan De Oro Pagadian Zamboanga Del Sur Zamboanga Del Norte Misamis Occidental Tangub City Surigao Butuan Davao Del Norte Davao Del Sur Iloilo Bacolod Dapitan Dipolog Manila Subic Samal Compostela Valley Gingoog City Bukidnon Marawi Xiamen

Running Records

Milo Marathon CdeO 2012- 21k@2:18mins
Timex Run 2012 Cebu -10k@57mins
Tangub City Unity Run 2012 -10k@54mins
LSU Run for the Priest 2012 -5k@28mins
Ozamiz City PDA Run -5k@27mins
MU Fun Run 2012-3k@18mins